SEAS Language Assessment

Canada is a nation with two official languages, English and French. You can provide documents and complete your Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) assessment in English or French.  Healthcare in Canada is delivered in English or in French, depending on where you live. When you register to practice, your provincial regulator may require that you demonstrate language proficiency in English, or in French depending on which province you choose to practice in.

The SEAS Language Assessment will determine if your English or French language skills are adequate for the purpose of completing the SEAS process. You must have a good ability to read, write, listen to and speak English or French so that you can complete the Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test (JKAT) and the Competency Assessment Interview.

You will be allowed to start the SEAS Language Assessment after you have completed the ACA and paid the second installment of the SEAS fee.

What you need to know about the Language Assessment:

When you begin the SEAS Language Assessment, you will be asked a series of questions that will allow you to describe your language proficiency. You must prove your ability to communicate in English or French in one of these ways:

To Begin Your Language Assessment Review

  1. Second Payment Installment - Sign into the SEAS portal and make your second SEAS installment fee of $1,300.
  2. Click on Step Two: Language Assessment Review
  3. Complete the Language Assessment Questionnaire, and click Complete.
  4. Ensure your language testing score report has been sent to ACOTRO directly from the testing company.

What happens next?

  • A SEAS Language Assessment Report will be filed in your SEAS Portal account under the heading SEAS Language Assessment Review Status.
  • If you have met ACOTRO's language requirement, you will be given access to the Competency Assessment interview if you have also successfully completed the Curriculum and Fieldwork - PSCA review, and taken the Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test.
  • When you have met one of the acceptable language scores, or declared that one of the alternate methods of proving language proficiency applies to you, you will be asked to agree to a declaration. The declaration will state that you believe you have adequate language skills to continue with the SEAS process. You will not be allowed to appeal your results on the JKAT or the CA interview based on challenges you may have experienced with language skills.
  • If you do not meet the language proficeincy requirement, you will be required to improve your language skills before you can proceed with SEAS. At this point you can put your SEAS assessment on hold for up to one year while you study. A hold fee will apply. 


If you wish to appeal score you received on your language test, you must do that directly with the language testing company.

You may ask for a reconsideration of ACOTRO's determination of your language proficiency. You must use the Request for Reconsideration Form on the SEAS Portal to make the request. A reconsideration fee will apply.