SEAS is built on a three-point, graduated fee structure so that internationally educated occupational therapists (IEOTs) pay only as they progress successfully through the assessment process. The three points of payment are:

  1. Upon initial application and submission of the WES ICAP Document-by-Document Credential Evaluation Report. Learn more HERE.
  2. Prior to the Profession Specific Credential Assessment (PSCA) curriculum review and Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test (JKAT)
  3. When registering for the Competency Assessment (CA)

As per the Canada Revenue Agency, all SEAS fees are subject to provincial Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Goods and Services Tax (GST). The tax amount will be calculated at the time you pay each SEAS fee, and the rate applied is according to the province in which you reside. The tax rate charged to your SEAS fee may change if your address changes over the course of the SEAS process. IEOTs living outside of Canada at the time of payment are not subject to HST/GST on their SEAS fees.

Total SEAS fee is $4,000.00, plus applicable taxes. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

SEAS Fees Payable to ACOTRO

Installment 1

Payment Due
With submission of the initial application


Installment 2

Payment Due
After receipt of the results of the Academic Credential Assessment, and prior to the Jurisprudence Test (JKAT) and Profession Specific Credential Assessment (PSCA)


Installment 3

Payment Due
After completion of the JKAT, PSCA, and Language Readiness Assessment, and prior to the Competency Assessment (CA)


Re-take of the Competency Assessment (i.e.: second attempt at the Competency Assessment): $250.00 administrative fee and $2,100.00 fee payable to ACOTRO.


ACOTRO is committed to excellence in delivering the SEAS program and closely pays attention to program costs. SEAS fees have been increased twice since the launch of the SEAS program in 2015. The costs associated with delivering our SEAS program over the past few years have risen and result in an increase in our fees.

We are providing a six month notice with the fee increase not coming into effect until October 15, 2024.

The increase in the fees for the SEAS program as of October 15, 2024, does not impact on any fees already paid. Applicants who are in the second phase of the SEAS process may pay the third fee, at the current rate ($2,100), prior to October 15, 2024, if the following SEAS activities have been completed:

  • Phase 2 fee has been paid
  • Minimum requirement for the Language Readiness Assessment has been met
  • Language declaration has been completed.
  • Occupational Therapy University curriculum documents for the Profession Specific Curriculum Assessment have been received at the ACOTRO office

The changes in fees are noted below. All fees are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes:

Fee TypeCurrent FeeFee as of October 15, 2024
Initial registration fee$400$470
Phase 2 fee$1,500$1,500
Phase 3 fee$2,100$2,150

SEAS Fees Payable by IEOT to Other Agencies (fees in Canadian dollars)

World Education Services (WES)

Payment Due
When applying to WES through ICAP for a credential evaluation satisfactory to ACOTRO

Refer to WES website here.

ProctorU for remote proctoring of the JKAT

Payment Due
Payment at the time of scheduling your test session

$25.00 for 120-minute exam.
Additional fee of $5.00 if exam is scheduled less than 72 hours in advance of exam date; or
Additional fee of $8.00 if exam is scheduled less than 2 hours in advance of exam date.

Possible Additional Fees

  • Second PSCA review fee, ($200.00), payable to ACOTRO
  • Request for Competency Assessment Re-Take fee, ($250.00), payable to ACOTRO
  • Request for Extension fee, ($200.00), payable to ACOTRO
  • Request for Reconsideration fee, ($350.00), payable to ACOTRO
  • Duplicate Determination Report or document ($25.00), payable to ACOTRO
  • Administration fee for file copying (e.g. curriculum documents), ($40.00 + $0.05/page), payable to ACOTRO
  • Language testing, payable to external agency
  • Translation of university curriculum documents if they are not in English or French, payable to external agency
  • Payment to academic institute for curriculum and other educational documents

Reapplication to SEAS program: Certain SEAS installment fees may need to be repaid.

Note: Any fees payable to ACOTRO will be invoiced to you at the time payment is required. All other fees are payable directly to the external agency. For information regarding refunds, please refer to the ACOTRO/SEAS Policies page.