Welcome to the SEAS program. Please be sure to read the information on the SEAS Steps and Documents Required pages.

Please note that at different times during your SEAS journey, SEAS staff will provide you with links to safely upload sensitive documents to SEAS. You will receive each link by email. Please do not send sensitive information, such as identity documents or credit card information, to SEAS by email. If you have any questions about using the upload links, please contact


Your SEAS journey begins with a completed application.

To obtain an application package, contact

You will receive a form-fillable application. Please complete and sign off on all sections.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned.

First Installment Fee

You will receive an invoice for the first fee, as well as instructions for paying the fee. Fees are payable by Visa or Mastercard and must be in Canadian funds.

Documents Required

You are required to arrange for SEAS to receive your WES ICAP Document-by-Document report.

Proof of Identity Documents must be submitted to SEAS. The SEAS Associate will provide you with a link to safely upload your identity documents.

SEAS Start Date

(from February 1st, 2024)

Your SEAS Program will begin once we have received the following:

  • Initial Registration Form
  • WES credential evaluation report
  • Academic Documents
    • Evidence of fieldwork hours completed in your OT university program
    • Occupational Therapy University Curriculum Documents
    • Completed PSCA Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Initial application fee

You are expected to complete the SEAS process within 12 months of your start date. ACOTRO recognizes that extenuating circumstances may affect an applicant’s ability to complete SEAS within the one-year time frame. As such, an extension may be granted. Visit the ACOTRO/SEAS Policies page to learn more.

What Happens Next?

Once all of your documentation and fees for this first step have been received, SEAS will conduct the Academic Credential Assessment (ACA).

The ACA is a SEAS evaluation of your academic qualifications as communicated to ACOTRO via your WES credential evaluation. To proceed to the next step in the SEAS program, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • WES confirms that all your academic documents are authentic and were sent directly from the educational institution.
  • Your education program is verified as an occupational therapy program.
  • The occupational therapy program is deemed equivalent to at least a Bachelor’s level degree.

You will receive the results of your ACA by email. If you have met all of the above minimum requirements, you will be permitted to proceed to the next step of the SEAS program.

SEAS Identification Number (SEAS ID)

When we receive your application form you will be provided with a unique SEAS Identification Number (ID).

  • ACOTRO will reference your ID on all your SEAS documents.
  • Please include your SEAS ID in your email when communicating with SEAS staff.
  • Do not share your SEAS ID with anyone.