The PSCA is one tool within the SEAS program that helps provide an effective, consistent way for you to demonstrate that you have completed education and fieldwork outside of Canada that is equivalent to entry-to-practice occupational therapy education obtained in Canada. The evaluation of your curriculum and fieldwork is conducted by a skilled reviewer.

Please refer to the Documents Required page for detailed information regarding submission of documents for the PSCA.

Fieldwork Hours

The minimum requirement for fieldwork is evidence of completion of 1000 fieldwork hours as a component of your occupational therapy education program.

Curriculum Evaluation

The curriculum evaluation is a review of the content of your educational program. The review is based on the evidence of course completion and program content you submitted and is measured against the Canadian Occupational Therapy Education Benchmark (2012), using your WES report, academic transcript(s), and detailed program content from your academic institution.

Each criterion on the curriculum evaluation is measured on a three-point scale:

0 = no evidence in the curriculum
1 = some evidence in the curriculum
2 = enough evidence in the curriculum

The minimum requirement for the curriculum evaluation is a score of 91%.

PSCA Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The PSCA self-assessment questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your occupational therapy education and how comparable it is to a Canadian occupational therapy education.

CLICK HERE to obtain a copy of the PSCA self-assessment questionnaire. If you experience any difficulty opening the questionnaire, opening instructions can be found HERE.


SEAS will begin your PSCA when we have received the following:

  1. Your completed PSCA self-assessment questionnaire
  2. Your curriculum documents, and additional transcript(s) from your education institution, if applicable
  3. Evidence of completion of fieldwork hours, from your education institution

You will receive a PSCA report and score within eight weeks of receipt of the above documents.


There are two possible outcomes of the PSCA:

1. You have met the required qualification recognition standard and are able to proceed with the SEAS program, if:

  • There is evidence of completion of 1000 fieldwork hours, and
  • You achieved a minimum score of 91% on the education curriculum evaluation

2. You have not met the required qualification recognition standard, if:

  • You have not completed a minimum of 1000 fieldwork hours, and/or
  • You did not achieve a minimum score of 91% on the education curriculum evaluation.

If you have not met the required qualification recognition standard, you will be permitted to proceed with the SEAS program. An eventual outcome of this status may be:

  • The need to complete supervised practice or gap-filling in order to be deemed equivalent by ACOTRO SEAS Determination Committee, or
  • Supervised practice or gap-filling may be required at the time of registration with a provincial regulatory authority.