The JKAT assesses your knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations, practice standards, ethical frameworks, and guidelines that govern the practice of occupational therapy in Canada.

You can take the JKAT exam anytime after paying your 2nd installment fee and before paying your 3rd installment fee.

Test Format

The JKAT is an on-line exam that may be taken in either English or French language.

The exam format is multiple choice questions.

You have a maximum of two hours to complete the JKAT, during which time breaks are not permitted.

The JKAT must be completed in a single sitting.

Remote Proctoring

The JKAT is a remote proctored exam, where professionally trained live proctors will monitor your exam session.

The remote proctoring is provided by ProctorU.

When you register for your exam, you will pay a proctoring fee directly to ProctorU for each attempt at the JKAT.

You will need a desktop or laptop computer with a camera and microphone, and a stable Internet connection. Please refer to ProctorU’s Test-Taker website page for detailed information on equipment required, security procedures, and other information about the proctoring experience.

Note: The minimum computer requirement for PC users is Windows 10

You will be required to prove your identity to the proctor. Please refer to Documents Required page for acceptable primary identity documents.

Resources to Prepare for the Exam

You can prepare for the exam using the Canadian Occupational Therapist Jurisprudence Learning Module.

You will be allowed to refer to the Canadian Occupational Therapist Jurisprudence Learning Module during the exam. No other resources or note-taking will be allowed.

To Prepare for the Proctored Exam Session

Please refer to the ProctorU articles below for detailed information on scheduling and taking the exam, including a test to confirm if your computer system is compatible with ProctorU:

You will need to use either Google Chrome or Firefox browser for the exam, and you will need to download the ProctorU extension for your chosen browser – links are available below:

There is also a helpful video which will provide additional guidance on what to expect on your test day:

Accessing the Test

You are responsible for scheduling the date and time of your JKAT exam with ProctorU.

The JKAT is completed on-line and accessed through a secure portal, called the iComp SEAS portal.

After you pay your 2nd installment fee, you will receive an email from SEAS with instructions regarding scheduling and taking your exam. The process involves two steps:

1. Setting up a Test-Taker Account with ProctorU on the ProctorU Website
Before scheduling your exam, you will first need to set up a test-taker account with ProctorU HERE.

2. Scheduling Your Exam on the iComp SEAS Portal
Once you have set up an account with ProctorU, you can now schedule your exam.

The iComp SEAS Portal is where you will schedule the date and time of your exam, and where you will log in to take the exam.

The instruction email from SEAS will contain a User ID and Password. You will use this to log into the iComp SEAS Portal to schedule and take your exam.

Log into the iComp SEAS portal HERE. Once you log on, you will see instructions on scheduling the exam.

Note: Apple Mac usersmay have trouble scheduling their JKAT exam in the portal. If you have difficulty, please call ProctorU at 1-855-772-8678. Support is available all day, every day (24/7), and they will schedule the JKAT for you.

3. Taking the Exam on the iComp SEAS Portal

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the portal prior to your exam. Browse through the tabs, and find the page where you will begin the JKAT (Main Menu > Applicant Menu > Quiz Begin).

At your scheduled test time, log in to the iComp SEAS portal, and go to Quiz Begin page. Your Proctor from ProctorU will ”meet” you at the Quiz Begin page.

The proctor will enter a password to give you access to the exam. You will then be able to start the exam by clicking “Begin.”

To return to the homepage after the exam, click on the house icon at the top right corner of the screen.

To log out of the iComp SEAS Portal, click on the lock. The telephone symbol provides you with who to contact should you experience difficulties during the JKAT test.


If you require accommodation for the JKAT, please refer to the ACOTRO Accommodation Policy on the ACOTRO/SEAS Policies page.

Test Results

Immediately after the exam, you will receive notification on the screen as to whether you passed or failed the JKAT exam. A passing score on the JKAT is 73%.

If you achieve 73% or more on your first exam attempt, you are not required to take the 2nd attempt. You have met the minimum requirement for the JKAT.

If you fail to achieve a minimum of 73% on your first attempt, you will be permitted one more attempt. You will be required to wait a minimum of 72 hours before taking your 2nd attempt of the exam. You are allowed a maximum of two attempts at the JKAT.

If you achieve 73% or more on your 2nd exam attempt, you have met the minimum requirement for the JKAT.

If you score 72% or below on your 2nd exam attempt, you have not met the minimum requirement for the JKAT but may continue with the SEAS program. The provincial regulator will be advised that you have failed both attempts at the JKAT when you apply for registration. The provincial regulator will determine any gap-filling requirements for jurisprudence at that time.