Profession-Specific Credential Assessment (PSCA)

The PSCA review will closely examine the content of your profession-specific credentials, that is, the curriculum courses and fieldwork you completed during your occupational therapy education. We are looking to see how similar they were to those that Canadian occupational therapy students take during their occupational therapy programs.

You will be allowed to start the PSCA after you have completed the Academic Credential Assessment, and paid the second installment of the SEAS fee ($1,300.00).

What you need to know before you get started:

  1. We need an official course or curriculum description. This document(s) provide a description of the content of each course within your occupational therapy program and any other relevant formal education you completed.  The curriculum document must be specific to the years that you were a student and must be sent directly to ACOTRO by your educational institution(s) by mail (post).  A link to documents on your university's website may also be accepted if documents are specific to your education (course names and numbers must match the course names and numbers on your transcript) and current. If the document is in a language other than French or English, you must also send a certified translation. This means that you will also need to request a copy of the document for yourself so that you can take it to a certified translator. You must submit the original certified translation.

  2. Curriculum and Fieldwork Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This is a lengthy questionnaire that you can find here, as well as on the portal. You may wish to complete the PSCA Self-Assessment Questionnaire even before beginning your Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) journey, as it will give you a very clear idea of how your education compares to that of Canadian-educated occupational therapists.  This form also allows you to tell us clearly how you think your educational programs meet the course content we are looking for.  You will need a copy of your curriculum document to refer to as you fill out the questionnaire.

  3. 1000 hours of Fieldwork. As part of your self-assessment questionnaire, you will be asked to provide detail about your fieldwork using the Fieldwork Form.

Your Curriculum and Fieldwork Review will not begin until all of these items have been received. 

To Begin Your Curriculum and Fieldwork - PSCA Review

  1. Second Payment Installment - Sign into the SEAS portal and make your second SEAS installment fee of $1,300.
  2. Click on Step Three: Curriculum and Fieldwork - PSCA Review
  3. Ensure your curriculum documents have been sent to ACOTRO directly from your academic institution - ensure they have sent you a copy for your own use
  4. Download, complete and upload your self-assessment questionnaire

What Happens Next

  • Your documents will be reviewed and scored by a trained reviewer using the Profession-Specific Credential Assessment form. Each element in the report will be scored as having:
    • no evidence
    • not enough evidence
    • enough evidence
  • A Curriculum and Fieldwork Review Report will be filed in your SEAS Portal account under the heading: Curriculum and Fieldwork - PSCA Review Status within 8 weeks of having received all of your documents.

  • There are several possible outcomes:

    1. Your education is found to be comparable to Canadian education.

    2. There are minor or major gaps in your education and it is not comparable to Canadian education. You will be given the opportunity to continue with the SEAS should you choose.

    3. You have not completed a minimum of 1,000 hours of fieldwork or clinical placement hours as part of your educational program. You will not be permitted to move forward with the SEAS process.

    4. Insufficient documentation was provided. You will not be allowed to continue with the SEAS process and will not be allowed to continue with becoming registered to practice occupational therapy in Canada. 

Reconsideration and Appeals

ACOTRO will not consider appeals or complaints based on Curriculum and Fieldwork criteria.

You may apply to have your Curriculum and Fieldwork Review reconsidered if you believe there is an error or you can provide more information that may change the decision. You must file a request for reconsideration, using the Request for Reconsideration Form on the SEAS Portal, within 30 days of receiving your result. There is an additional cost for reconsideration. A reconsideration decision will be provided within 4 weeks of receiving the request.