Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test (JKAT)

Jurisprudence is the study of law. The purpose of the Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test (JKAT) is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the rules of occupational therapy practice. In Canada, occupational therapy is a self-regulated profession. You will be expected to know about the legislation, regulations, ethics, and standards of practice that guide the practice of occupational therapy in Canada. 

You can prepare for this exam using these resources:

  • Canadian Occupational Therapist Jurisprudence Learning Module
  • If you know which province you will settle in, you could also review their Legislation, Regulation, and Code of Ethics, and practice documents related to topics such as informed consent, documentation, and protection of privacy that are particular to that province.

You will be allowed to start the JKAT after you have completed the ACA and paid the second installment of the Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) fee.

What you should know about the JKAT:

  • The JKAT is an on-line, open book exam. The exam format is multiple choice questions. You will have two hours to complete the exam, and must click "Complete" to have your score recorded.
  • The JKAT is a proctored exam. That proctoring is conducted virtually, which means that a proctor will join you via your computer and computer screen.  You will need a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, and a stable internet connection.  The exam will be electronically proctored by ProctorU. In collaboration with ProctorU, you will need to arrange a time for your JKAT exam, and then log onto ProctorU at that time to do your exam.
  • You will be allowed to refer to the Canadian Occupational Therapist Jurisprudence Learning module during the examination, but not to notes or other resources. 
  • You may attempt the JKAT only two times, and will be informed within minutes of having completed the exam whether or not you have passed. 

To Begin Your JKAT

  1. Second Payment Installment - Sign into the SEAS portal and make your second SEAS installment fee of $1,300. (You may have done this to start your SEAS Language Readiness).
  2. Click on Step Four: Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test.
  3. Follow the instructions and link to ProctorU to establish a testing date and pay for your proctor fee.
  4. On the agreed upon time, log into the SEAS Portal, open the Step Four JKAT section, and click on the appropriate JKAT Assessment (Attempt One or Two).
  5. Click Complete when you are ready to submit your test. You have no more than two hours. Should you fail to click "Complete", a score of zero will be recorded.

What Happens Next:

  • Your exam score will be posted in your SEAS Portal account within 15 minutes of completing the exam. A score of 73 per cent is required to pass the exam. Visit the JKAT Review Status window on the portal.
  • If you do not pass the exam you can try again.  You must wait at least 72 hours between tries. It is highly recommended that you complete the Canadian Occupational Therapist Jurisprudence Learning Module before you write the exam and before you attempt the exam a second time.
  • You will be given access to the Competency Assessment interview when you have passed the JKAT, or have completed two attempts. You must also have completed the Profession-Specific Credential Assessment (PSCA) and met the SEAS Language Readiness requirements. If you do not pass the JKAT on your second attempt, this gap in your knowledge will be recorded.