Getting Started

You can start SEAS before you arrive in Canada. Most parts of the assessment are done on-line using the SEAS Portal. The Competency Assessment interview must be done in person in Canada.

The SEAS Portal is a secure on-line web portal. It is where you will register for the SEAS process and where you will find all of the forms that you will need to fill in. You will be able to view your documents, make payments, see your results, and track your progress through the SEAS process.  You can also ask questions of the SEAS Credentialing Officer by email.

Applicants have 12 months to complete SEAS, but you can move through it much more quickly - in a matter of a few months - if you have all your documents ready in advance.  It is important to be well organized and ready to move from one step of the assessment process to the next so that you are able to complete all parts of the assessment in the allowed time. It is possible to apply for an extension if there is a very good reason why you cannot complete the assessment process in 12  months. There is an additional cost for having an extension.  

We recommend that you review all of the steps and think about how you will be able to provide the required materials and meet the requirements before beginning the process. 

Documents You Will Need

Education Credential Evaluation Report                                    (needed before you apply for ACA)

You will get this document from World Education Services Canada.

WES will need to see your degree and transcripts to produce the report.

Identification                         (needed when you apply and for the JKAT and CA)

Two pieces of government- issued ID, at least one of which must carry your photograph and signature.

Official document to verify change of name

Language Assessment Report    (if necessary)

You must ask the agency that did your language assessment to send your results directly to ACOTRO

Curriculum Description      (needed for Curriculum and Fieldwork Review)

You must ask your educational institutions(s) to send a copy of your curriculum description(s) directly to ACOTRO

Certified translations                      (if needed)

You must provide a certified word-for-word translation of any documents that are issued in a language other than French or English. The original-language documents must be sent to ACOTRO directly from the institution. You can send us the certified translation.