Project Summaries

The projects under our harmonization initiative include:

Academic Credential Assessment Project:  Currently, regulators use a variety of agencies and criteria to assess the authenticity and education level of an internationally-educated applicant’s academic credentials. By examining the benefits and disadvantages of the various approaches used, this project is aimed at identifying a common way of assessing academic credentials.

Profession-Specific Credential Assessments: This project aims to develop the PSCA tool, a mechanism that will help all regulators determine to what extent the education and training of internationally-educated occupational therapists are substantially equivalent to those received by Canadian educated OTs. Specifically, the tool focuses on the types of courses, the course content, hours, language of instruction and nature of work performed by applicants in their country of origin.

Competency-Based Assessments: This project aims to develop a set of tools that will help regulators better assess the competencies required for occupational therapy practice in Canada. They will help ensure that the competencies demonstrated by international applicants are substantially equivalent to those that must be demonstrated by Canadian-educated occupational therapists.

Mapping Competencies to the Exam: This project is designed to map the 3rd and 4th editions of the profession’s Essential Competencies to the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination. This is the exam that all OTs must write to register in Canada, with the exception of those applying in Quebec. Our objective is to ensure that the exam consistently tests for those competencies deemed to be essential for OT practice in Canada. We are also updating the Essential Competencies.

Language Proficiency Standards: This project will ensure consistency among Canadian provinces in how English language abilities are assessed for internationally-educated occupational therapists. Our goal is to assess candidates interested in working in Canada in a consistent, fair and transparent manner.