Initial Application and Academic Credential Assessment (ACA)

How do I Apply for SEAS and the ACA?

WES aims to prepare your report in 7-10 working days.  It is highly recommended that you wait until you receive your copy of your WES Academic Credential Assessment before you apply for SEAS registration.

  1. You cannot begin the Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) without having first applied for a WES ICAP document-by-document report from World Education Services (Canada). 

    World Education Services (WES) is an academic credentialing agency in Canada. Your credentials must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES) before ACOTRO can begin the SEAS process. Even though there are other credential assessment services in Canada and internationally, ACOTRO will only accept credential assessments that have been done by World Education Services (WES - Canada). That's because ACOTRO needs to ensure consistency in the way in which, and the standards by which, your credentials are being assessed.

    You will need to apply directly to WES to have your credentials evaluated by them. You should request a WES ICAP document-by-document evaluation specific for ACOTRO. The cost is $180.00, plus shipping, payable directly to WES. That price will ensure that both you and ACOTRO receive a copy of your WES report.  To complete its assessment, WES will need your academic institution to send it a copy of your degrees, diplomas or certificates for education completed, and official transcripts. Once on the WES site, you'll be asked to find your country on the drop-down list and follow the instructions for how to provide your documents.  It may take several weeks for your university to send your documents. If your documents are not issued in English or French, you may need to provide a word for word translation of each document.  Click here to apply to WES (Canada) for your report. 

    The WES education credential evaluation report will:

    • Verify that your credentials are authentic and were sent directly from the academic institution
    • Determine whether or not your program of study was an occupational therapy program
    • Determine the level of your education, and whether or not it was equivalent to a Canadian Bachelor's degree (at a minimum) and
    • Verify the language of instruction

When you are ready to start the SEAS Program, please contact the ACOTRO office to request a registration form. To do this, please email

  1. Once you have applied to WES (Canada) for your WES Report, you may start your SEAS Journey.  To do that, pay the Initial SEAS Application Fee ($300.00 Canadian). This payment must be made by credit card. No refund is available after this fee has been submitted. You will then be given access to the SEAS Application Form.

  2. Complete the Application Form.  This form asks for general information, plus, you must:

    • Provide proof of identification. You will be asked to provide the names and ID numbers corresponding with two pieces of government issued identification. Each piece of identification must be current (not expired) and have your signature on it. One piece must also have your picture. You may also need to include proof of a name change, (such as a marriage license) if your documents are in a name that is not the same as your current name. You will need to show these same two pieces of identification at other times.

    • Confirm Terms of Release and Consent to Release Information -  The application form will ask you to tick a box indicating that you agree to the Terms of Use, and that you consent to release information (for example - we will be notifying the provincial regulator to which you intend to apply for registration, your final disposition report). 

  1. Complete the Applicant Information Form. To do this, on the My SEAS Journey page, click on the SEAS Initial Application heading. Click on the Applicant Information Form. When you have filled in the form, click Complete.
  1. Apply for your Academic Credential Assessment. This step is where ACOTRO looks at your WES report and evaluates the information on that report.  You initiate ACOTRO's review of your WES report by going to the My SEAS Journey page on the SEAS Portal, and by clicking on Step One: Academic Credential Assessment.  You then fill in a very brief questionnaire which asks you to enter your WES reference number. You will find your WES reference number on your WES report.


ACOTRO will:

  1. Confirm the receipt of your documents and fee
  2. Review your WES report to ensure your credentials meet our criteria, and take note of how your credential compares to a Canadian occupational therapy credential. The possible outcomes on our review are:
    • Your credential is equivalent to a minimum of a Canadian Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy or
    • Your credential is not equivalent to a minimal of a Canadian Bachelor degree and/or your degree is not in Occupational Therapy.
  3. Post the outcome of our review of your WES report in the Academic Credential Assessment Status box in My SEAS Journey. This will happen within 30 days of receiving all of your documents.
  4. Send you an e-mail to let you know you can begin the next steps of SEAS if your review has been successful. You will be required to pay the second installment of the SEAS fees, and then you will be able to start the SEAS Language Readiness, Profession-Specific Credential Assessment (PSCA) and the Jurisprudence Knowledge Assessment Test (JKAT). The second installment of the SEAS fee is $1,300 CAD + HST/GST, payable by credit card.

NOTE: You have one year within which to complete the SEAS process. If you do not agree with your WES report, you must contact WES directly to discuss your concerns.