Were you educated in Canada?

If you are educated in Canada, the steps for registration generally include:

  1. Ensuring that you meet the requirements for registration. These are set out on each of the provincial regulatory websites. These requirements can refer to someone’s registration history, language fluency, education and practice hours.
  2. filling out an application form found on the provincial website and submitting it with fees and required documentation (university transcripts sent directly from the university will be required), as set out by the provincial regulatory organization to which you are applying.
  3. successfully completing the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam, administered by CAOT.

To learn more about the certification requirements in each of Canada’s ten provinces, visit the websites of the regulatory body in the province in which you wish to work.

If you are Canadian, but you have graduated from an occupational therapy program outside of Canada, you are considered to be internationally educated. You will need to have your education credentials and qualifications assessed to confirm your eligibility to register to work in Canada. Learn more