Steps to Registering

How do I register to become an OT?

Occupational therapy is a regulated health profession in Canada. This means that to practice occupational therapy in Canada, you must register with the regulatory body in the province in which you wish to work. Occupational therapists need to be registered to give confidence to the Canadian public that the professional with whom they are dealing has demonstrated or met a high standard of competencies and requirements in order to enter practice. These standards are set by the regulatory bodies. Regulation and registration also guarantee that the public has somewhere to turn when they feel that the services they have received do not meet professional standards. To register, you will need to meet standards and qualifications set by the provincial regulator.

How do I register in another province?

These standards and requirements may vary from province to province: for instance, most require that you write a national exam; only some may require you to complete a language exam. Moreover, certification in one province does not give you the ability to practice in other provinces. You must go through the registration process each time you move to a new province.

Registration process

The registration process is different depending on whether you received your OT education in Canada or outside Canada.  This rule applies to Canadians too.